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          • 林州市太行路與致遠大道交叉口東北角
          • http://www.meuromicrowave.com





          Linzhou Zhiyuan Electronics Technology Co, Ltd. is located in Linzhou city, the hometown of the world- famous "artificial Tianhe" Red Flag Canal. It is a member of Henan Fengbao Group, a national top500 private enterprise. Henan Guangyuan new material Co,Ltd, is also a member of Fengbao Group and a leading domestic electronic glass fiber enterprise, Based on the industrial transformation and development, to speed up the extension of the group's electronic information material industry chain upgrade, aiming at the world's middle and high-end standards, and strive to build a CCL intelligent manufacturing benchmark factory.

           The company carries forward the red flag canal spirit of "self reliance, hard work, team work, selfless dedication", always adheres to the modern enterprise management concept of "people-oriented, creating excellence, green manufacturing, scientific management", led by the indutry's senior management team,applies and explores the world's advanced technology, introduces first-class enterprise management standards, selects the most advanced international raw materials throughout the line to produce the intelligent and automatic production equipment of the whole process, strictly control the dust-free workshop working environment in accordance with international standards, strictly implement the quality standards of the first-line well-known end customers, and ensure to achieve the world-class high-end product quality. The leading products have been widely recognized by the end customers of aerospace,communication, rail transit, new energy vehicles, computers and other high-end electronic products .

          Total investment of 2.5 billion yuan in company CCL project planning, covering an area of nearly 300mu. After the project is completed and put into operation, the production capacity can reach 18 million square meters of high-end copper clad laminate and 22 million meters of commercial prepreg, with an annual revenue of 3 billion yuan and a profit and tax of more than 600 million yuan.   Driven by the market demand of 5G equipment and mobile communication, automotive electronics,intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things, etc., during the process of R&D of high-frequency, high-speed,high heat conduction and highly reliable CCL products, the company has developed rapidly in terms of  continuous innovation ability and technical level. The construction and development of Zhiyuan electronics copper clad laminate project will have profound and far reaching significance for the structural adjustment, upgrading and upgrading of domestic copper clad laminate products, improving the competitiveness of domestic high-level copper clad laminates in the international market, and accelerating the localization process of high-end, special CCL and their raw materials.


          • 林州致遠電子科技有限公司
          • 電話:13898875609
          • 地址:林州市太行路與致遠大道交叉口東北角
          • 網址:http://www.meuromicrowave.com
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